At Nindogu, we offer scarves that are different from the typical triangle bandanas you see everywhere today. They are unique in shape, and designed to look great no matter how much your furry friend runs around. Refresh your dogs style with these scarves that are unlike any other on the market!

  • I looked everywhere for the iconic shiba scarf. These scarves are so lightweight and have a unqiue shape its unlike anything else on the market.


  • Mommy got me my new harness from @juliusk9.official at stumpy con yesterday 😍 it matched well with my @nindogu scarf


  • Oki's new swag!


  • Check us out in our new @nindogu scarves we got from @thestumpycon 


  • Length is just perfect for my 100lb GSD

    Jesse Savoey

  • She's feeling it now Mr Krabs


  • @potatoandtoffee

  • the wave pattern just works so well with his fur color!